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TATTOOS are in Fashion!

Written by BIBAVIMH(JY)
Photos : Sparklesandinspirations

What are your opinions on tattoos in fashion?
Do you think they carry a good image or not!?
and Do you think It`s they are fashionable?
I think that they are a part of fashion, just like accessories.

But I don`t like when people tattoo their entire body or have very bold designs!
Personally I like grave small designs or symbols where they cant be seen very easily like the finger, inside the wrist, top of the foot.
Nowadays, women as well as men get tattoos especially in the summer.
You can also see this trend on many models, entertainers, and artist, or everyday person.

So do you think tattoos are cool? I think tattoos are good part of fashion.  If you have it in you,  Get one too! But If you are little unsure then try a Henna tattoos on for size! 

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH