How To Choose Timeless Fashion Pieces!

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Don't Be A Slave To Trends!

Take a quick look through your closet, and you'll surely find clothes that you haven't worn in 10 years.
What were you thinking when you bought all that out-of-date clothing? Chances are you saw someone wearing them in a fashion magazine, thought they looked good, bought them and wore them two times before they went out of style.

In this lens, IADT Detroit reviews ways you can resist being swayed by current trends and instead stock your wardrobe with timeless fashion pieces that you'll wear for years to come.

1)Keep It Simple

[Build a base of basics]

The most timeless fashions are most often the simplest. Black and white, for example, never go out of style. Also, if you have a good selection of monochromatic colors, you can mix, match and layer them to keep your wardrobe looking fresh without having to purchase a new outfit every week.

Keep a good base of simple clothing styles with few embellishments and you'll be able to wear them with stylish accessories. These include plain t-shirts, jeans and khakis. Keep a good stock of these simple clothes and you can spice up your outfit with bolder accessories and shoes. This is much simpler and cheaper than buying the latest trend every week.

2)Make Sure It Fits! 

[Custom Alterations Can Transform A Garment]

Also, remember that a good fit never goes out of style. While it should go without saying that you should buy clothing that fits, many people buy clothes for the figure they hope to be instead of the figure they have. When in doubt, you should actually buy clothes a little big instead of a little small; it is much easier to "take in" a garment that to let it out. If you take the extra time to find clothing that complements your figure, you'll feel comfortable wearing it over and over again.


[Be Prepared To Pay More For Quality]

You may also need to spend a few extra dollars on clothes if you want them to truly be timeless. If you are going to wear clothes for years to come, they need to be able to withstand wear and tear. Don't bother spending a lot of money on trendy items that you'll only wear a couple times. Instead, invest in timeless fashions that will save you money in the long run.


[Find Out What's Worked]

One handy tip for finding timeless styles is to look through an old-fashioned magazine. While current fashion magazines showcase styles that will be outdated within months, old fashion magazines can show you what was popular years ago. If something was in style 20 years ago, chances are, it won't be going anywhere within the next five.

5)Don't Be Afraid To Have Fun 

Remember, timeless fashion doesn't have to be boring. Stock your wardrobe with simple, high-quality clothes that fit well and you will eliminate the "what was I thinking" pieces from your closet.

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