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Orange in FASHION!!!

Written by BIBAVIMH(JY)  
Photos:STREETFSN.COM & and unknown.
If you caught my last post, you might have figured out by now that I like drawing on the spot... No details, simply sketching characters as I view them in the moment. (Wink_Wink)

So, based on my sketch left can you guess today`s topic? That`s right, you guessed it!!!!!

This summer if you would like to turn heads in the fashion world, try adding orange to your wardrobe!

Nowadays, you can openly see vivid colors being used and coordinated in tons of different ways, like on the streets, in fashion trend books and of course fashion shows.

It`s true! Expressing your fashion style is increasingly becoming more natural and trendier than before.

I, myself, used to wear bold, vivid colors in my wardrobe/acc. and still do because I`m not afraid of adding bright colors to my style!

So, fashionistas, this summer not only should you try wearing bright vivid colors like orange, also try other bright colors like green, pink and blue... All very hot colors indeed! Put them on and make your body colorful!

And for those of you who don`t like the idea of adding orange to your wardrobe, instead try adding it to your lips, nails, shadow, achieve the same results!

See? Orange has a wide range of color...try it!

Don`t be afraid of adding color to your style and remember, coordinating your whole body from head to toe in color is not necessary, however, if you choose to do so then that`s ok too because fashion is experimental!
So go ahead!  Create your own trend through experimentation!!!

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH

What is your Forever Handbag?

(BIBAVIMH) I asked my friends. What is your Favorite/Forever Handbag? except Chanel! :)

Watch the video and comment with your life-long arm candy of choice. What is your Forever Handbag?