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Eyelashes, nude faces, disco tech and 60s chic. This is what's hot according to the gospel of Saint MAC. 

MAC says eyelashes are back. Ergo, eyelashes are back. Last week, MAC's much-loved Director of Artistry, Terry Barber talked through trends from A/W 11, with one overarching message: the lash has returned. But where did it go? Unbeknown to the layman makeupper, the lash went on sabbatical, shunned from catwalks in favour of bleached brows, a trend Terry will be happy to see the back of, "I won't miss going around with a bucket of bleach, we have to use hairdresser's bleach, Jolen turns them yellow!" So flutter them, fake them and cake them until they clump, the painful days of perfect, light as a feather lashes are over, "two coats then a layer of powder, then another coat gives that beautiful clump", Terry recommends.

In addition to the lash, the red lip is (predictably) prominent on the seasonal forecast, this time, unpredictably, spreading to the eyes, as seen on Manish Arora's models (down right). Continuing the upside-down trend, Terry suggests "using gloss on the eyelids to make them glass-like" (try MAC Gloss or Clear Lipglass) and powder in-between lipstick coats.

He prophesises a return to androgynous boy-girl makeup, a heavy 60s influence, high tech colours and textures, and blended, stained shades.

What's your favourite trend for the season? I'm liking the whole return to the 60s aesthetic, I loved the Mary Quant, Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy bambi eyelashes. It reclaims it for cool girls - big head, small body, big lashes, heart shaped face.

What's your top product for the season? Mascara. There's a product called Haute & Naughty Lash that lets you do every single eyelash with super volume. It's going back to really done mascara after a no mascara period.
What's your ultimate beauty tip? Don't wear too much foundation, that never looks good. Don't fill in your eyebrows too much and don't over-tweeze them. Keep make-up elemental. And have a wardrobe of looks, do a nude face one day, a mod lash the next day. Pare it down to a couple of elements.

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