BOLD LIP COLOR @ R.I.P Amy Winehouse...

Hello : Now its time for the real summer to begin! I recommend  "BOLD LIP COLOR"
like : hot pink, vivid orange, intense red,...etc. and matching pastel tone out-fits! or BLACK! 
Lets try those colors to make you look more out standing!!!

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH

R.I.P Amy Winehouse (by FASHION TV)
Amy Winehouse, born 14.09.1983, died yesterday afternoon. Police confirms she was found dead in her house from London. Her debut album "Frank" was released in 2003, her 2006 album "Back to Black" led to six Grammy award nominations and five wins, these are only a few of her many wins. Amy was one of the most successful British female artists who's life has taken a turn. We wish her family all the best for the future! Rest in peace, Amy Winehouse.

BIBAVIMH : OMG! I can`t believe...I love her own voice. If you don't know her, you need to listen this music: "BACK to BLACK". Rests her soul in peace...I'll miss her voice...RIP:(

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