“White” NOW!!!!!!

Written by BIBAVIMH(JY)
Hello, my fellow fashion followers..!
Let`s talk about white in fashion!

Black has a history of being the “go-to” color because it is very attractive and safe but you can also find this to be true for the color white.
And as usual White will be this year`s trend for S/S & F/W seasons because it reappears seasonally.This color is known for creating various patterns and designs, so if you would like to add white to your wardrobe, you have many options!
White also gives you the option of creating different looks, like Modern, Classy, Classic and Sexy…etc.

For example, if you`re meeting a friend you can wear a simple white pant and shirt…… That`s it!
Or if you`re going out on a date, try wearing a white mini dress with Ruffles (that way you can have a shot for second date…..wink, wink)

Many people like wearing white but are afraid to because it gets dirty so easily. But don’t let this stop you just try it because white is awesome and a little dirt won’t hurt. White is a great color for summer and its very modern giving you a very clean look. 
Also if you`re wearing white, don`t forget the proper accessories!!!!

"Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony."
-Coco Chanel-

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH(JY)

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