What are your views on Metrosexuals in FASHION?
Metrosexual : An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his apperance and style!

Nowadays I tend to see many metrosexuals lurking about. They are usually dressed up, wearing light make-up and few accessories.
This is their trade mark and an accurate summary of their overall style.

The reason this phenomenon has taken rise so quickly is partly due to women`s recent career paths and reputation in the workforce. In addition as status continues to increasingly become important among women and in society as whole, men are realizing that in order to "keep up with the Jones'",  they also need to stay ahead of the game by taking on a more "feminine appearance".

Although I have many thoughts and ideas to express on this matter, I would like this entry to focus mainly on their appearance! Metrosexuals are so very fashionable and delicate.

Here are some images of what you could expect a typical metrosexual to look like:

Three reasons why I find the metro sexual culture very appealing.

1-Fashion Sense.
Metros appreciate all types of fashion, which is very,...very important--a must, even. 
They also have a good fashion sense and handle their clothing with care.
Also, not only do they know how to match their clothes, (sometimes more than women even), you can expect most of them to have the 411 on anything fashion related.

2- Appearance.
Of course you may know, the typical metrosexual is defined by having a sharp, handsomely pretty face and thin frame.  And because they always pay attention to aesthetics relating to their bodies, taking good care of themselves is an absolutely must, thus getting massages, and having their nails done is merely part of the
grooming process.  I find this vey interesting!

Metros are very manly, yet very delicate like a woman.
Because of this, they tend to understand people better and get along with the general public as a whole........... Amazing!

In Conclusion, my views on Metrosexualism are positive and as
I continue to learn about the culture I discover more interesting facts that keep me abreast in the fashion industry.

and thank you for helping me Nikelola Balogun.

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