Sneakers & Sensible Fashion


Since last year, I have been noticing an increase in the number of sneaker wearers in the street fashion scene.
However, nowadays, not only are sneakers apart of street fashion/casual settings, you can even find them being worn in the workplace and this trend is taking off rapidly!

Sneaker fashion tip:  For those of you wanting to wear comfortable, stylish fashion, try pairing formal black pants and a slim black wool coat together with grey or black sneakers with accents of neon/bright colors.  Not only is this fashion combo casual chic, its also very sensible for this winter season.

Sneakers give you both comfort and style and are practical year around, especially in places where walking is very common like New York, Seoul, Europe, etc.

So all of you non-sneakers-wearing folks, I recommend trying out a pair and especially be sure to check out designs with unique color accents.

Please enjoy comfortable fashion life right now!

by BIBAVIMH and of course Thanks to Nikelola. I will introduce to you next time:)

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