Make Up Forever AQUA LINER / BOLD eyes!

Hot! Hot summer now! You need this item!
Make Up Forever AQUA LINER
Let's Play Aqua Liner

Since makeup is also a means of expression, I wanted to offer a new vision of eyeliner and make it a brush, an artist, capable of adorning the eyelids with flamboyant colors. For this new creation, I drew inspiration from the twisted and flashy world of David Lachapelle. I was also smitten by the sun, the néon lights and the eccentricity of Miami, as well as the art déco architecture of Ocean Drive. Its graphic and futuristic aspect, but also its color combinations that recall tropical vegetation, the scorching sand and the ocean… It’s summer and anything goes!
-Dany SANZ-

This summer, POP-it!
This season’s big trend is definitely BOLD.
Let`s SEE:)

Photos : / make-up forever / unknown

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH


  1. Hello, I really like your blog and your way of introducing new trends.
    And you are right bold is so trendy:)

    I wish you luck on your freelance job. I hope you will be very succesful:)

    best wishes from istanbul

  2. Thank you so much! Gulden=)
    I'd like to check your blog more detail right now!
    Have a good day with full of fashion energy:)

  3. Such cool original posts! - WMS.