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BOLD LIP COLOR @ R.I.P Amy Winehouse...

Hello : Now its time for the real summer to begin! I recommend  "BOLD LIP COLOR"
like : hot pink, vivid orange, intense red,...etc. and matching pastel tone out-fits! or BLACK! 
Lets try those colors to make you look more out standing!!!

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH

R.I.P Amy Winehouse (by FASHION TV)
Amy Winehouse, born 14.09.1983, died yesterday afternoon. Police confirms she was found dead in her house from London. Her debut album "Frank" was released in 2003, her 2006 album "Back to Black" led to six Grammy award nominations and five wins, these are only a few of her many wins. Amy was one of the most successful British female artists who's life has taken a turn. We wish her family all the best for the future! Rest in peace, Amy Winehouse.

BIBAVIMH : OMG! I can`t believe...I love her own voice. If you don't know her, you need to listen this music: "BACK to BLACK". Rests her soul in peace...I'll miss her voice...RIP:(

Orange in FASHION!!!

Written by BIBAVIMH(JY)  
Photos:STREETFSN.COM & and unknown.
If you caught my last post, you might have figured out by now that I like drawing on the spot... No details, simply sketching characters as I view them in the moment. (Wink_Wink)

So, based on my sketch left can you guess today`s topic? That`s right, you guessed it!!!!!

This summer if you would like to turn heads in the fashion world, try adding orange to your wardrobe!

Nowadays, you can openly see vivid colors being used and coordinated in tons of different ways, like on the streets, in fashion trend books and of course fashion shows.

It`s true! Expressing your fashion style is increasingly becoming more natural and trendier than before.

I, myself, used to wear bold, vivid colors in my wardrobe/acc. and still do because I`m not afraid of adding bright colors to my style!

So, fashionistas, this summer not only should you try wearing bright vivid colors like orange, also try other bright colors like green, pink and blue... All very hot colors indeed! Put them on and make your body colorful!

And for those of you who don`t like the idea of adding orange to your wardrobe, instead try adding it to your lips, nails, shadow, achieve the same results!

See? Orange has a wide range of color...try it!

Don`t be afraid of adding color to your style and remember, coordinating your whole body from head to toe in color is not necessary, however, if you choose to do so then that`s ok too because fashion is experimental!
So go ahead!  Create your own trend through experimentation!!!

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH

See-Through look

Sheer Fabric During the summer, especially this summer, I have enjoyed and absolutely love wearing see through clothes, but in moderation of course. Wearing sheer fabric is very attractive and chic!  One of my favorite looks combines see through fabrics with a black cropped t-shirt paired with black skinny jeans and a flat shoe (Gladiaotor style perhaps) to match.  

I think wearing see through clothing is designed for showing off your assets. 
So if you would like to express your style in a more unique and fashionable way this summer,
then try a see through item on for size.

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH

“White” NOW!!!!!!

Written by BIBAVIMH(JY)
Hello, my fellow fashion followers..!
Let`s talk about white in fashion!

Black has a history of being the “go-to” color because it is very attractive and safe but you can also find this to be true for the color white.
And as usual White will be this year`s trend for S/S & F/W seasons because it reappears seasonally.This color is known for creating various patterns and designs, so if you would like to add white to your wardrobe, you have many options!
White also gives you the option of creating different looks, like Modern, Classy, Classic and Sexy…etc.

For example, if you`re meeting a friend you can wear a simple white pant and shirt…… That`s it!
Or if you`re going out on a date, try wearing a white mini dress with Ruffles (that way you can have a shot for second date…..wink, wink)

Many people like wearing white but are afraid to because it gets dirty so easily. But don’t let this stop you just try it because white is awesome and a little dirt won’t hurt. White is a great color for summer and its very modern giving you a very clean look. 
Also if you`re wearing white, don`t forget the proper accessories!!!!

"Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony."
-Coco Chanel-

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH(JY)

TATTOOS are in Fashion!

Written by BIBAVIMH(JY)
Photos : Sparklesandinspirations

What are your opinions on tattoos in fashion?
Do you think they carry a good image or not!?
and Do you think It`s they are fashionable?
I think that they are a part of fashion, just like accessories.

But I don`t like when people tattoo their entire body or have very bold designs!
Personally I like grave small designs or symbols where they cant be seen very easily like the finger, inside the wrist, top of the foot.
Nowadays, women as well as men get tattoos especially in the summer.
You can also see this trend on many models, entertainers, and artist, or everyday person.

So do you think tattoos are cool? I think tattoos are good part of fashion.  If you have it in you,  Get one too! But If you are little unsure then try a Henna tattoos on for size! 

Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH

GLADIATOR SHOES...Welcome back!!!

Written by BIBAVIMH(JY)

My fellow fashion followers, I know what you guys might be thinking  or what ideas you might have of  what I`d like to talk about in this issue.
So, if  you`re thinking what I`m thinking, then you are absolutely right!
Today, I`d like to talk about one of the key essential fashion items this summer...
That item is Gladiator shoes!!!

This summer will be full of Gladiator-shoe-wearing fashionistas so I suggest you get a pair!!!

But if you don`t have one, don`t despair because there are plenty of styles and colors to go around to quench your shoe craving.

I`m sure you all know that each fashion years births a new trend and styles for everyone to enjoy, so if you think you`re a real fashionista, try on 3 or more different pairs of Gladiator shoes on for size!
And don`t forget, when you chose a shoe, keep style, color and height in mind to suit your fashion sense.
Go on, now! Give it a try and you will see that owning a pair of Gladiator shoes will have many fashion advantage for your wardrobe!

Gladiator shoes are multi-functional in terms of style & comfort.
Not only can these shoes be sexy, they can also provide comfort at the same time!

Sexy and comfortable? Who knew?! Gladiator shoes give you the option of choosing fit and style simultaneously whether it be sexy-comfort, casual-comfort, etc,..all while having a plethora of colors and styles to match the look you desire.

You can also choose to further express your Gladiator shoes by coordinating hair style to match, thus creating many different looks for you to rock:

See! You too can produce the look of an experienced fashionista! So, don`t wait!
Hurry and try a pair of Gladiator shoes for yourself.

You can find a pair at your local department store or any street vendor.
Just pick one and wear it! It`s easy!!!
Have a lovely day!


Love yourself & ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH

Maxi Dress!

Maxi Dress!

The maxi dress is always on TREND!

Maxi dresses come in lots of varieties and there are appropriate maxis to suit all shapes and ages.

They(maxi dress) can be worn during all seasons with an exception of maybe heavy snow/rainy days. But other than that, the weather doesn't really matter with Maxi because if you want to wear it during winter times, you can always wear lots of layers underneath your maxi just like you would with any other clothing!

Make Your Dress Stand out with Accessories!
Even if its just a simple dress you're wearing, you can make it look extra fabulous by adding some statement accessories to it. Scarf's, bags, shoes, heels, rings, necklaces, just about anything that will make your dress to spice it up!

Source:[ / / / / stockholmstreetstyle]

Love yourself @ ENJOY! by BIBAVIMH

MAC Me Over! @ Make up info

Eyelashes, nude faces, disco tech and 60s chic. This is what's hot according to the gospel of Saint MAC. 

MAC says eyelashes are back. Ergo, eyelashes are back. Last week, MAC's much-loved Director of Artistry, Terry Barber talked through trends from A/W 11, with one overarching message: the lash has returned. But where did it go? Unbeknown to the layman makeupper, the lash went on sabbatical, shunned from catwalks in favour of bleached brows, a trend Terry will be happy to see the back of, "I won't miss going around with a bucket of bleach, we have to use hairdresser's bleach, Jolen turns them yellow!" So flutter them, fake them and cake them until they clump, the painful days of perfect, light as a feather lashes are over, "two coats then a layer of powder, then another coat gives that beautiful clump", Terry recommends.

In addition to the lash, the red lip is (predictably) prominent on the seasonal forecast, this time, unpredictably, spreading to the eyes, as seen on Manish Arora's models (down right). Continuing the upside-down trend, Terry suggests "using gloss on the eyelids to make them glass-like" (try MAC Gloss or Clear Lipglass) and powder in-between lipstick coats.

He prophesises a return to androgynous boy-girl makeup, a heavy 60s influence, high tech colours and textures, and blended, stained shades.

What's your favourite trend for the season? I'm liking the whole return to the 60s aesthetic, I loved the Mary Quant, Jean Shrimpton, Twiggy bambi eyelashes. It reclaims it for cool girls - big head, small body, big lashes, heart shaped face.

What's your top product for the season? Mascara. There's a product called Haute & Naughty Lash that lets you do every single eyelash with super volume. It's going back to really done mascara after a no mascara period.
What's your ultimate beauty tip? Don't wear too much foundation, that never looks good. Don't fill in your eyebrows too much and don't over-tweeze them. Keep make-up elemental. And have a wardrobe of looks, do a nude face one day, a mod lash the next day. Pare it down to a couple of elements.

Text Sarah Raphael

Source:[Published by i-D  / i-d magazine online / / / / /]



Fall Preview 2011 GIVENCHY

A first look: GIVENCHY
Filmed by Tim Richardson. modeled by Alla Kostromichova
Really cool! ENJOY!


You probably already know
Pre-fall 2011

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Francisco Lachowski @ Music

BIBA`S Favorite Song /
Joe McElderry - Ambitions (Official HD Video)

Francisco Lachowski (born 11 August, 1992) is a Brazilian model. He started his career in 2008 when he won a modeling contest in São Paulo, for which he was awarded a contract with Ford Models. Francisco married Dawn Marie Harrow in January of 2011, and the couple currently resides in New York. In 2009 he did his first runway shows in Milan and Paris, walking for designers like Gucci and Dior Homme. He is currently ranked 25th on 50 Top Male Models.

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